SWMTU chapter boundaries

SWMTU’s mission is to conserve, protect and restore West Michigan’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds and to provide a forum for the exchange of information concerning coldwater fisheries and the techniques and the sport of trout fishing.

This map shows the chapter’s geographic footprint and the rivers that are a focus of ours.

You can learn more about the chapter’s activities by following our conservation thread on this website, or by reviewing the following pages detailing various partnerships and environmental recommendations.

To get involved, or to get more information on these projects, please contact us.


Conservation Reports

Online seminar: 2021 State of the Trout

Online seminar: 2021 State of the Trout

This year we feature a virtual presentation with Dr. Bryan Burroughs, Executive Director of Michigan Trout Unlimited and Michigan DNR Director Dan Eichinger.

Video: TU Rogue River Tree Army

Video: TU Rogue River Tree Army

The Tree Army, made up of staff and volunteers, planted thousands of trees along Michigan’s Rogue River to enhance the resilience of this important coldwater fishery.

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