C. R. Evenson Award


“Recognition of contributions towards preserving the environment.”

1971-Peter Steketee
1972-Henry Westerville
1973-Glen Sheppard
1974-Will Wolfe
1975-Hillary Snell
1976-Roger Conner
1977-Joan Wolfe
1978-Wes Cooper
1979-not awarded
1980-John Tanton
1981-Ken Sikkema
1982-Jack Schaley
1983-Dave Smethurst
1984-not awarded
1985-Ben Maylar
1986-Dick Buss
1987-Henry Zeman
1989-Jon Bachelder
1990-Rusty Gates
1991-Pere Marquette Watershed Council
1992-West Michigan Environmental Action Council
1993-James Schram
1994-Bill Walker
1995-Bob Nicholson
1996-Roger Laninga
1997-Michael Ells
1998-Tom Rozich
1999-Ed Frye
2000-Dr. Bill Taylor
2001-Peter Wege
2002-John Koches
2003-Jim Oosting and the Coldwater River Watershed Council
2004-Keith Groty
2005-Mark Luttenton
2006-Rich Bowman
2007-Jeff Alexander
2008-Josh Zuiderveen
2009-Mike Hoekwater
2010- Oak Brook Chapter of Trout Unlimited
2011-Aaron Snell
2012-Peter Gustafson
2013-William McCarrel
2014-Barry-Eaton District Health Department
2015-John McKenzie
2016-Micheal Young, City of Rockford
2017-not awarded
2018-not awarded
2019-Anglers of the Au Sable