Kanouse Award

Dr. Marvin C. (Bud) Kanouse Award – PAST WINNERS

This award recognizes contributions to the Schrems West Michigan Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the genesis for which is derived from innate attributes such as creativity, artistic talent, and the ability to motivate.

2004-Established this year
2005-Not awarded
2006-Not awarded
2007-Carl Richards
2008-Ron Barch
2009-Dr. Sam Lacina
2010-Glen Blackwood
2011-Not awarded
2012-Dick Pobst
2013-Not awarded
2014-Not awarded
2015-Not awarded
2016-Not awarded
2017-Not awarded
2018-Not awarded
2019-Not awarded
2020-Not awarded
2021-Not awarded
2022-David Vanden Bos