Adopted 1999

Mission Statement
To conserve, protect and restore West Michigan’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds and to provide a forum for the exchange of information concerning coldwater fisheries and the techniques and the sport of trout fishing.

Vision Statement
The West Michigan Chapter of Trout Unlimited looks to an increasing presence in the conservation, protection and restoration of coldwater fisheries in the West Michigan region. Leading by example, the chapter will work on all levels to create awareness of and involvement in trout fishing. Projects in fisheries protection and restoration will be selected on the basis of need, resources and appropriateness to its overall mission, and will be used in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Chapter will act as an educator, facilitator and catalyst using partnerships to expand its reach and effectiveness. While maintaining regional focus, the Chapter will remain open to support from and will provide support to the State Council and the National Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

  • To encourage research into the basic biology and ecology of trout populations.
  • To advocate increased emphasis on habitat preservation, pollution abatement, stream improvement, watershed rehabilitation and lake and stream reclamation.
  • To encourage the adoption of appropriate regulations and limitations on trout fishing that conserve and enlarge the wild trout fishery and expand the opportunity to fish for native trout.
  • To emphasize wild trout and anadromoous fish management.
  • To urge the inventory and classification of all trout streams.
  • To vigorously resist the unnecessary alteration, pollution and destruction of trout habitat by road construction, industry, agriculture, mining, impoundments, etc.
  • To utilize every available means to educate the public to a better understanding of trout problems, a more tolerant attitude toward trout regulations and a richer enjoyment of the sport.
  • To support the efforts of institutions, agencies, organizations and individuals actively engaged in carrying out Trout Unlimited’s and similar mission and vision.
  • To encourage the participation of all members in all aspects of chapter activities: to have fun, meet exceptional people, and to celebrate the joys of Trout fishing.