Action Alert on Asian Carp

On December 9th, Trout Unlimited issued an action alert to all TU members in Great Lakes states regarding the Asian carp situation.  Unfortunately it appears that the email did not reach everyone so we are reposting that email in our blog. Below is the text from that alert:

“Please visit our online action center and help protect the Great Lakes from Asian carp. Evidence of Asian carp has been detected recently above barriers intended to keep them out of Lake Michigan and aggressive action is needed now to prevent their colonization in the Great Lakes.

Asian Carp on Doorstep of Great Lakes
Asian Carp on Doorstep of Great Lakes

The recovery of the Great Lakes, one of the world’s greatest freshwater treasures, could be jeopardized if extremely aggressive Asian carp successfully colonize. Asian carp are voracious and would displace native fish, cause the decline of important sport and commercial fisheries worth $7 billion annually and potentially injure boaters. These aggressive fish not only threaten the Great Lakes, but all the tributaries that flow into the lakes. Though some have apparently already bypassed an electric barrier, it is imperative to do everything possible to remove any existing fish and prevent any other fish from getting to Lake Michigan. Minimizing the number of potential colonizing fish is critical to helping ensure that populations of Asian carp do not become established in the Great Lakes.

Visit TU’s Online Action Center and encourage the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other responsible agencies to take aggressive action now to prevent their colonization in Lake Michigan.”

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