DNRE proposes 73 more miles of gear-restricted trout streams

LANSING — The Department of Natural Resources and Environment proposes to classify an additional 73 miles of streams under Michigan’s gear-restricted streams category.

The proposal, which will be presented to DNRE Director Rebecca Humphries at the Oct. 7 meeting of the Natural Resources Commission in Lansing, is the result of lengthy meetings with fisheries officials and the Citizens Coldwater Regulations Steering Committee.

By law, Michigan can have no more than 212 miles of trout streams that are managed under gear restriction regulations. Currently, there are 105 miles of trout stream with gear restrictions.

“We worked very closely with both our Steering Committee members – who represent many of our largest sport fishing, conservation and environmental groups – as well as the public,” said Jim Dexter, Lake Michigan Basin Coordinator and Regulatory Affairs Supervisor for the DNRE’s Fisheries Division. “The proposed changes represent an on-going commitment to improve regulations that govern fishing for trout and salmon as well as create diverse fishing opportunities for our anglers. Although it is difficult to please everyone with an issue like this, we believe this proposal will enhance some anglers’ enjoyment of the resource while building stewardship for managing our limited coldwater resources.”

The public has additional opportunities to comment on the proposal at the Oct. 7, Nov. 4, and Dec. 9 meetings of the Natural Resources Commission in Lansing.

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