GVSU to study brook trout in Cedar Creek

GVSU to study brook trout in Cedar Creek

From Mlive.com

“Cedar Creek has been named a host site for a Grand Valley State University graduate biology telemetry study, which will ‘tag’ trout in the local waterway.

“In order to find out where the brook trout go when they are not in the creek, a group of GVSU graduate students, under the direction of Dr. Mark Luttendon, professor and biology graduate program coordinator, will surgically implant small radio transmitters into 10 brook trout.

“The transmitters will allow the students to locate a fish to within one square yard of its exact location. A tiny temperature sensor will enable the team to determine the internal body temperature of a fish at any given moment. The hope is that the fish will show the research team where water temperatures are the best for brook trout.”

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