Rogue River TU project set to kick off

Today the GR Press ran a good article about the upcoming Rogue River Home Rivers Project.

Here’s an excerpt …

“JR Hartman, president of the Schrems West Michigan chapter of TU, said his group raised $315,000 from major local donors that include the Wege Foundation, Frey Foundation, Wolverine Worldwide Foundation, along with individual and chapter donations. The money will pay for staff and to set up the local Home River office.

“The biggest issues we have on the Rogue River are thermal pollution (warming of the water), storm runoff and the destruction of habitat,” Hartman said. “I’m excited that this project will bring a lot of attention and money to this urban trout stream. Ultimately, it could be a better fishery, colder, cleaner and healthier, in general.”

“Hartman said his group recently hired a Home River project manager, Nichol DeMol of Muskegon. DeMol has worked with the Annis Water Resources Institute at Grand Valley State University. She is expected to assess what’s needed, develop a plan and work with area municipalities, among other duties.”

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