Penoyer Creek drying up?

Late last week, SWMTU member Brian Gorman contacted the chapter about seeing low stream levels on Penoyer Creek, a tributary to the Muskegon River. He described the creek as nearly dry near Basswood Road with small pools of water where trout were concentrated. (link to Penoyer Creek map) At the Muskegon River, the creek seemed to be flowing normally.

Thanks to his detailed information and quick email, SMWTU has begun tracking down the source of the problem.

On Sunday, board member Rob Fox took some photos of the creek and you can clearly see how low the water is.

According to Rob, Pickeral and Emerald lakes appear to be at normal levels but he couldn’t drive near the outlets to the creek, so it was difficult to know what was going on there.

Several SWMTU board members have made personal contact with the MDNRE and will be following up.

If you know any details of what’s going on, share them in the comments.

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