Rogue River a Trout Unlimited Home River?

A full-time TU staff person may be hired in the next year for the Rogue River as part of Trout Unlimited’s Home Rivers program.

Laura Hewitt, the Watershed Programs Director from TU is putting together a draft plan which she will share with the SWMTU chapter sometime in June.  After the plan is approved, TU will prepare applications for grants to secure funding for the program.  Once funding for 1 years worth of operations is secured, the hiring process for a local TU Home River Coordinator will begin.  Based on past history, it will take anywhere from 3 months to a year to secure the necessary funding for the project.

SWMTU President Dave Smith and Treasurer JR Hartman met with Laura Hewitt and Bryan Moore (VP, Volunteer Operations & Watershed Programs) on May 5th for a tour of the Rogue watershed.  Laura stated, “The Rogue provides a nice opportunity to explore issues related to urbanization and growth planning and hopefully the potential to make a big difference in the health of the fishery.”

The project does not officially become a TU Home River until the funding is in hand and the coordinator hired.

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