U.S. to spend $78 million to halt Asian Carp

From the Chicago Breaking News Center

WASHINGTON — After a White House meeting christened the “carp summit,” federal and state officials today announced a multi-pronged attack with a $78.5 million price tag to prevent Asian carp, an invasive species, from establishing populations in Lake Michigan.

Nancy Sutley, the president’s top environmental adviser, led the meeting at the request of the governors of Michigan and Wisconsin, who were on hand. Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois was scheduled to attend, but cancelled his travel plans because of the winter weather and planned to take part by teleconference, said Marlena Jentz, a spokeswoman.

Officials this afternoon unveiled an Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework, which they characterized as “aggressive” and “unparalleled.” It features more than 25 short-term and long-term actions funded by major spending, some of which officials said already is in the pipeline.

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