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Our friend and conservation partner Josh Zuiderveen of Streamworks LLC has been working on a restoration project for the Quaker Brook.  Quaker Brook is a degraded trout stream that feeds the Thornapple River.  Here is a write up by Josh;

Quaker Brook is a coldwater trout stream in the Thornapple River watershed.  DNR fisheries agent Scott Hanshue rates Quaker high on his priority list for restoration efforts and conservation practices, because of its cold water fishery value and its degraded state.   The Barry Conservation District is a finalist in the running for a MillerCoors grant to bring much needed financial resources to this valuable trout stream.  The project proposed by the Conservation District would address some land use issues in the following ways:

“The project will provide support for an agricultural operator to
design and install best management practices (BMP’s) for water quality
for the purpose of educating the agricultural community about BMP’s by
demonstrating their effectiveness and integration into the whole farm
operation. The target practice is riparian buffer installation, with the
addition of no-till, grassed waterways, livestock exclusion fencing and
/or comprehensive nutrient management planning as needed, based on the
participating operation.”

 This project is important both for its initial conservation practices, and demonstrating to the agricultural community how conservation practices can be useful, practical, and beneficial.   In short, it will show the agricultural community that many of the conservation practices we advocate for (BMP’s) are in their best interests, too. 

The winner of the Miller/Coors grant will be decided by online voting.  Voting closes March 26th at 5:00 pm, Pacific Time (remember, Coors is out West!).  Please vote, and spread the word to other cold water lovers!

You can cast your vote by following this link,

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