TU asks “Is the White River the next famous Michigan trout water?”

Jake Lemon. Photo courtesy of Freemont Area Community Foundation.

Due to its untapped potential, the White River keeps popping up on the radar of Trout Unlimited. In a recent article on tu.org, TU’s Jake Lemon talks about what drew him to the river and the efforts that many stakeholders are putting into restoring this trout stream.

“It piqued my interest because there are sections of the watershed that feature high-quality coldwater habitat,” said Lemon, a Michigan resident who serves as TU’s monitoring and community science manager. “But there are other sections where there has been significant impact, whether from dams, agriculture or a lot of riparian development.”

You can read the full article here: https://www.tu.org/magazine/uncategorized/michigans-next-famous-trout-water/

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