White River gets attention from national TU

The summer and fall of 2021 were busy for a major conservation project on the White River. Trout Unlimited’s Great Lakes Program wrapped up a big project to combat erosion on the river.

Both of the projects below were coordinated by the TU Great Lakes Program, and we are passing along a summary of its social media posts of the project.

Check out the transformation that this site on the White River underwent this year. This project, located at Diamond Point campground, will help stabilize an eroding bank and failing retaining wall using bioengineering techniques that include whole trees placed at the toe of the bank in addition to the riparian planting. These two photos are pre-construction.

This project would not be possible without the generous volunteers who lent a hand, our partners at Kanouse Outdoor Restoration, and the funders supporting this project … U.S. Forest Service Huron-Manistee NFS, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Sustain Our Great Lakes Program, and the Fremont Area Community Foundation.

In a few seasons when the newly planted streamside trees and shrubs mature, this site will look and function like a natural stream bank once again. Thanks to TU’s Chad Kotke and Kyle Dankert for the photos!

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