Accessible nature trail proposed for White River

Timberland RCD has recently submitted a proposal for funding to develop a rustic, (ADA) accessible hiking and fishing trail on the White River in Newaygo County. Its funders have asked for a ‘show of interest’ to ensure that there is a ‘need’ for this trail. Timberland is excited about this opportunity, believing that this trail will provide an opportunity for many anglers to experience blue ribbon trout fishing in spite of physical limitations.

The proposed site for this nature trail is located on a wooded section of the White River designated as a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream, and boasts self-sustaining populations of brook and brown trout. The White River at this site has been the focus of extensive fish habitat restoration in recent years, and is suitable for an accessible trail due to its exceptionally level terrain and accessible river bank. This would be the first accessible trout fishing trail of its kind in Michigan, offering fishing access to prime trout habitat to persons of varying levels of ability.

An accessible and accommodating nature and fishing trail will allow persons with disabilities including veterans and seniors to become more involved in outdoor recreational activities and would enhance tourism as well. Timberland RCD believes that nature has many healing abilities and our efforts will be directed at preserving the site’s natural and scenic woodland environment for this purpose.

As Newaygo County recreation sites develop, Timberland applauds any effort to ensure inclusion of a large scope of persons with varying limitations to increase community accessibility.

If you are in support of such a trail and have input on how to patrol and maintain it once it is developed please send your comments to: Timberland Resource Conservation & Development Council at [email protected] or phone us at 616-451-4844.

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