April steelhead outing

Hey all – just an update on 4/20/08. The outing this year was cancelled due to high water on the Muskegon. Not sure if it’s being rescheduled. 

The annual SWMTU outing on the Muskegon River is planned for Saturday, April 12. Mark the date on your calender now and let us know at [email protected] if you want to attend.

 As always, we need to match up people with boats and people who need boats. So if you have a boat and want to share the experience, it is much appreciated.

We will float from Croton Dam to Thornapple landing. If you are bringing a boat, try to get to the launch area by 9am and get your boat in the water as soon as possible. We’ll try to get everyone going downstream by 10am.

Because we have 9 or 10 boats lined up, we’ll want to shuttle trailers downstream asap and get boats moving down the river.

Around mid-day, we’ll stop for lunch. That morning we’ll set a specific time.

The water looks to be high this weekend, so bring enough anchor weight to keep your boat in place.

Stoneflies are hatching in the warmth of the afternoon, You trout hunters may want to plan accordingly.

Plan on ending your day sometime around 5pm, although if you want to stay out later you certainly can.

SWMTU members and non-members are welcome.

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