Classic Michigan Flies – 16 Legendary Patterns

Acclaimed artist, Joe Van Faasen, and Jon Osborn set out to write a book that was different than a typical fly-fishing lit piece.  Rather than a “how-to” manual, Classic Michigan Flies is an illustrated look at 16 Michigan flies (including the Adams, Roberts Drake, Houghton Lake Special, and others), and the legendary men who tied them.  In other words Classic Michigan Flies includes the mystery and history of Michigan Fly fishing lore in one volume.

Joe and Jon are recent members of the Schrems chapter and thought perhaps their project would interest members of TU locally and nationally.  They had a lot of fun creating the book and hope you’ll find it compelling as well.

The book was published by Stackpole Books in January, 2013.  It is available for purchase now.


fly sketch from joeozzy on Vimeo.

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