Salmon in the Classroom

Schrems WMTU is proud to announce financial grants of up to $1,000 per school to defray the startup costs of establishing a Salmon in the Classroom (SIC) program. This grant is limited to two schools per school year.

What are the requirements for setting up a program?

  • Interested teacher
  • Permission of school Principal
  • A letter of agreement with the school, including a transportation arrangement for field trips
  • Source of eggs & permission to acquire them
  • Instructions for teacher to follow in setting up classroom aquarium
  • Aquarium and other related equipment
  • A check to the school account (as specified by the Principal) for teacher’s use in setting up

If you would like to apply to WMTU for the grant, please submit your application to [email protected].

Past and Current Recipients

    Calvin Christian High School, Grandville, MI
    Mike Hoekwater was our first teacher to take advantage of Schrems SIC $1000 grant to purchase required equipment. Started in school year 2006-07 and has continued with the program since.

    Hopkins Middle School, Hopkins, MI (2008-09)
    Rich Reszka introduced SIC in school-year 2008-09. Program was transferred to Alex Perry in school-year 2009-10. Plan to continue indefinitely.

    Lowell High School, Lowell, MI
    Tammy Coleman introduced SIC in school-year 2008-09 and plans to continued indefinitely.

    Goodwillie Environmental School (Forest Hills Schools), Ada, MI
    Scott Moorehead introduced in school-year 2009-10 and plans to continue indefinitely.

    West Michigan Academy of Environmental Sciences, Grand Rapids, MI
    Teresa Larkin introduced in school-year 2009-10 and plans to continue indefinitely.

    Lamont Christian, Lamont, MI
    Brent Seinen will introduce in school-year 2010-11.

    Belding High School, Belding, MI
    Kate Feuerstein will introduce in school-year 2010-11.

    Application information:

    SWMTU SIC Letter of Agreement (Word doc)

    SIC Frequently Asked Questions (Word doc)

    DNR Salmon in the Classroom Program Guide (Word doc)

    Recommended Equipment and Lesson Plans from Trout Unlimited

    Wolf Lake Hatchery (source of salmon eggs in Southwest Michigan)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service Adopt-a-Salmon Family Program (contains links to a Teachers Guide and an Incubator Guide)

    Other Trout In Classroom programs and information:

    Nevada TU TIC

    Boquet River

    Benzie Fishery Coalition

    Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (links to lots of information on Water Ecology and Habitat Curriculum Resources for Teachers)

    Project Fish (MSU / MI-DNR partnership)

    Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermediate School District Salmon in the Classroom