Recap – Match the Hatch

Thanks to one and all who attended.  The final count for the presentation was 32.  It was a great time to soak up some of the wisdom and lifetime of observations from Mr. Dick Pobst, as well as a chance to meet fellow anglers.   In spite of the chilly temperatures and threat of a downpour, we collected samples of aquatic insects from sections above and below the Rockford dam.

Check out more photos here.

It should be noted that this sampling is also the kick-off for a new hatch chart for the Rogue.  As Mr. Pobst outlined, this is to be an angler-driven study.  TU will be sending out simple log books to any interested angler, likely in early June.  Please e-mail me if you plan to fish and collect prior to the production of a log book.  We can send you a rough draft spreadsheet that details the pertinent information Mr. Pobst wants.

The two fly shops, Great Lakes Fly Fishing Co. and The Hex Shop are the locations where log books can be dropped off.  Mr. Pobst, with the support of a committee from Schrems, will collate the data and produce the hatch chart.  The speed of production is dependent on you.  The larger the data set, the quicker and more accurate our charting can be.  We are making one change from what would be SOP of the past.  Digital photos rather than specimens are requested.

If you are interested in participating or would like to help out on the committee, contact Stuart Decker at [email protected].

One last note: Someone left a rain coat behind.  If it is yours, let me know.

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