Dolan Habitat Improvement Project underway

The first required step for the Dolan Habitat Improvement Project has been completed. On Tuesday, July 13th, ten Schrems volunteers, under the direction of Aaron Snell, Streamside Ecological Services, conducted a controlled fish count on the Coldwater River in the Dolan stretch.

To bring you up to speed, you can read more about this project …

SWMTU receives $40,000 to restore Coldwater River

Colwater River brown trout
Catch, Measure, Clip and Release

DNR Permit to conduct project. The summary of the project states, “Temporarily excavate a total of 228 cubic yards of material from the bottom lands of Coldwater Creek and install 35 log vane structures along 2,700 linear feet of shoreline. All work to be performed according to the attached drawings. Monitoring of the permitted activities to be performed for a period of 5-years.”

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